4 years Old Bella surprised the world – Speaks 7 languages

This is Bella. Bella, that’s the audience… Hello, Bella! Bella, tell me please; Do you play games a lot, or do you study all the time? I… …Don’t know…. Hi. How are you? My name is Eli. What’s your name? My name is Bella. Wow Bella, you’re very beautiful today. Are you looking for something? Yes. What are you looking for? I’m looking for my present. Oh…That’s fantastic. Well, I’ll tell you what. If you pass a little test, we can help you find your present. Okay? Okay. So over here we’re gonna have a question for you. Can you read the question and then answer? Which dinosaur has two rows of bony plates that run along its back and tail? Okay, so which dinosaur is it? Stegosaurus. That’s correct! Wonderful job, Bella! Okay, so now go over to the next language. Hello darling! What’s your name? My name’s Bella! And my name is Jana Why are you here? I’m looking for my present! Alright. Do you want me to help you? Yes! Then we have to play. Do you wanna play with me? Yes! I see something that you don’t see… and it is… green. The letter “O” That’s right! Well done Bella! That was really good! Can you bow for me? Well that was pretty. okay Now you should go to a woman who speaks Spanish. how are you today? Very good! it’s nice to see you, what are you doing? I’m lokking for my present Ok. present I’ll help you only if sing me a song. Do you know any song? Yes! Sing it then! Bravo! Bella! now go to the french Good day, Bella. – Good day How are you? – Very good. So what do you do? I am… looking for something. Oh you search something? What? I’m looking for my present. Oh, a present? Yes! – Okay well over there is a text And you just have to read it, okay? Very good! Hello! Hello! My name is Fang Fang. What’s your name? My name is Bella. Okay. If you still want your present, you have to answer 3 questions. Is that okay? Yes! First question, what do we use to see things? We use our eyes to see things. Very good! Second question, what do we use to hear? We use our ears to hear. Very good! Last question, what do we breathe with? We breathe with our lungs. Very good! All the answers are right! If you want to get your present, then go who speaks in arabic Hello! My name is Fatima, and you what’s your name? My name is Bella. Alright, I heard that you’re trying to find something here am i correct? I am trying to find my present. Trying to find your present? Alright, Bella I can show you the place of the present. But first you need to answer some questions. Are you ready? I’m ready! First question: What planet are you living on? I live on planet Earth. Second question: What is located in the middle of the Solar System? The Sun. Good Job! You are very smart! Do you want to know the place of the present? Mhm. Ok, then now give me your hand. And now we are going to find the present together Wow, we now have found the present! Oh how nice the present looks!

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  1. I am 20 year old and know 3 languages however working hard on mine fourth one but it is out my grasp. I really love learning different languages but at this point it makes me feel very stupid and hopeless. It is embarrassing that a cute little 4 old girl can speak 7 languages flawlessly but here I am struggling to learn my fourth one…..

  2. I only can speak 4 languages but my grandkids will speak 5 I can do it later cos I still don’t have them but in2 years I hope ha ha

  3. The woman who spoke German bothered me a bit because of her accent tho 😂😂😂 but anyway that was impressive 👍🏻

  4. Very impressive oh you know what this little girl had and Algerian brain coz the most Algeria people can talk7 like this one…the Algerian can speak English and French Arabic and Deutsch sprech and Spanish and arabic and the last not least chaoui and kabillian(barbarian) and fronco anglaise ( mix between English and French) funny …..this truth go and ask Algerian how many language he can speak with you'll be amazed

  5. She is amazing. She’s 4 years old can speak 7 languages FLUENTLY, she can read, and she is very knowledgeable!

    Truly amazing and very smart child.
    I want to know more about how her parents taught her so much!

  6. Wow I feel so ashamed of myself, I tried learning French once and I couldn't even manage that smh. That's one smart little girl, her memory alone is incredible for her age.

  7. When a 4 year old can speak English better than you can and you're 13 who's grown up around people speaking only English for your whole life

  8. then iam is nothing than her chinesse, who almost 7 years being a c-popers…….

    arabic tho, im Muslim, but I just can read, not understand it at all╥﹏╥

  9. Her French is very good
    (I’m from America but I speak French at home with my parents and English as well )

  10. واو انها فعلت الخير! إذا تحدثت ٧ .اللغات التي سأتحدث بها الإنجليزية طوال اليوم

  11. ᗰY ᖴᗩᐯOᖇITE ᒪᗩᑎGᑌᗩGE Iᔕ ᗩᖇᗩᗷIᑕ TᕼE ᒪᗩᔕT OᑎE !!!❤️❤️💕💕😍😍😘😘

  12. So she is a genius for sure, this has to be a talent… I wonder if it all came natural or if she has a lot of time spent studying. Such a cutie.. the fact that she knew what a stegosaurus is haha

  13. Divine


    In distinction & character

    Her eyes…are shining
    Radiant light

    Her innocence, compassion

    Everlasting Love, Amor


    “ Bella”

    “ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfAMbjYnNY8 ”


  14. What people fail to understand is that she could easily speak 25 languages due to her core group at age FOUR..

    01) English
    02) Spanish

    03) Portuguese
    04) Italian (due to Spanish and French)
    05) Romansh (but..why bother?)
    06) French
    07) Flemish
    08) German
    09) Swiss German (but why bother?)
    10) Dutch (disgusting)
    11) Mandarin
    12) Russian (this is where it gets crazy)
    13) Belorussian
    14) Ukranian
    15) Finnish
    16) Czech
    17) Bulgarian
    18) Polish
    19) Croatian
    20) Slovenian
    21) Serbian
    22) Hungarian
    23) Arabic MSA
    24) Pashto
    25) Urdu
    26) Farsi

    This list is just from obvious roots. We can add Norwegian, Swedish, Danish into that list. Potentially Turkish but that is very different and not so similar from anything else. Given that she can understand Mandarin it is no stretch to think that she could learn Japanese and Korean.

    Having Russian and MSA alone open you up to the ability to speak so many other languages. She is truly incredible and has zero life experience so far. Russian FSB is going to LOVE HER!!!!

  15. If Bella becomes the Russian President one day, she IS going to give a piece of her mind to everyone in the United Nations starting with the US President, particularly if he or she is like Trump. I would like to see dumbfounded UN and EU diplomats listening to her in dismay.

  16. انا اسمي فاتيما و انتي ما اسموكي؟ 😂
    العربي يفجر لايك لولبي لو سمحتو 😂

  17. Meanwhile I am 18 struggling to learn a third language (my mother tongue is Portuguese and my second language is English, I understand Spanish since it's a Latin language as Portuguese.

  18. I wish i was not dyslexic even then i would never be as smart as her i make up for that in determination

  19. when i was her age i mixed up spanish and english together and that's why i'm illiterate in both languages now

  20. People are arguing which language is the hardest meanwhile here i am being proud of my easy af language. Should've been international language so everybody wouldn't have a hard time learning it lol 😉

  21. I know about 7 languages as well but those took me forever to learn and she is only 4!!
    I don’t know how to speak Chinese tho I speak Thai instead

  22. Am I the only 1 thinking there's something so fishy about this? Also she had a foreigner accent in Spanish, so she has really go pronunciation but I could still hear it. I'm sure she has the same in all languages, her hyperactivity annoys me, it's just too much, I baby sat a lot of kids from smart to stupid, she just moves and acts so weird, like it's not her body, anybody know more about her now? I'm curious

  23. So I know 2 languages near perfect Spanish and English I know 50 percent German and know 5 percent mandarin , I'm 36 need I say more, smh 😏

  24. Sen daha yeryüzünde kaç yıl yaşadın ki yaaa, sen ne zamandır konuşuyorsun da 7 dili konuşup, yazıp, okuyabiliyorsun ? Sen ne muhteşem bir şeysin, Allah sana uzun ömürler versin. Maşallah ♥️

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