4 Time-Saving Tips (from a guy who spent 13 YEARS drawing a comic)

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  1. Well, the artwork itself is fucking incredible. id recommend getting a Wacom or some other sort of Tablet, and doing it on Computer, though. it helps a LOT.

  2. This is basically me rn i had a small comic that was suppose to be done in January 2019 its now 5 months past due and its mainly because procrastination and inexperience

  3. If it took him 13 years to draw a comic, should we really be taking time saving advice from him? 🤔

  4. you are a godly artist, its amazing you went through this for so long, and everything still ended up looking great.

  5. Oh gosh, I don’t like the ‘corner cutting’-tip at all ‘cause I’m still stuck were you were in your mid 20’s XD. It’s difficult to let go of that. However, the tips were still very helpful and the video very informative. Thank you 🙂

  6. I'm only 24 myself, but I've been drawing for years now. Back in 2006 I had been conceptualizing a story of a smaller, 4 character cast, anti-hero story. It was really simple, but has evolved now into a story that spans 3 unique arcs, including 3 other worlds/plots I had designed independently of one another, which eventually became part of this saga, flushing out the world, and solving a lot of plot holes I had made when I was younger. Still nowhere near done with this mind, but It's getting there, I just need to get a few more of the main cast designed with my more 'modern' art standards.

  7. GREAT VIDEO!!! I completely agree with you, and not for nothing, your art in this book is mind-blowing!!

  8. What an artist, this madness and perseverance needs to be much appreciated. I have ordered Tonoharu and looking forward for it.

  9. The attention span of the majority of the readers isn't there for your meticulous detail. Even this clip, I made it to 5:51…. urggggh… c'mon, seriously? have you not seen the low resolution of South Park and yet appreciated the impact as utterly massive? By the way, Where do you get the resources to undertake such a laborious and ambitious project??? That's what I want to know…. Did you inherit a fortune so you can DRAW all day? For Years ???? How do you pay all those bills ?!? Not rocket science to Find killer archetypical stories, make them contemporary and draw them with a fraction of your resolution.

  10. I would just die if I spent like 5 years on the same project. I'm more of a quality over quantity game developer, I want my game projects to be fun, bite sized games so future fans will get to play a higher variety of my games and they're super affordable too since they're smaller.

  11. Youtube Recommendation Logic –
    2016:Haha!Why would I put this in the recommended section?
    2017:I don't feel like it.
    2018:I don't want to!
    2019:Yeah sure.

  12. I dunno, using some anime as an example is not so great because there were a lot of anime around that time that actually had a lot of animation to it. It was great.

    It's almost worse nowadays. But yeah I get what you mean, cutting corners. I don't believe in cutting them too much tho..

  13. I've been planning and thinking and rewriting a comics for 6 or 7 years :p I haven't even started hahaha
    Maybe I should just slap myself and start (6_6 )'

  14. 3:36 90 years old? Allot two hours three times a week to training and I'd say you may be expected to live to 100 … who knows what science can come up within 60 years.

  15. I totally agree with your second tip. Finally, somebody agreed with me. Thank you! I so wish I had heard this from people like you more often. Hard work for it's own sake is way overestimated in society to the point I didn't know I had another way. Hard, inefficient work has become a terrible lifestyle I want to get out of my system, like the bad habit it is for me, and it doesn't apply for painting only, but for anything, especially for those projects that do take a lot of effort, like my thesis. In the end, my thesis that should have taken a semester to complete, took a year, and instead of 80 pages with 100 sources, it became 200 pages of just content with over 300 sources. While my grade was good, it could have been better. Thanks again. (Lol and it's still not out of my system, the guy or girl below me had summarized all of my comment in "work smarter, not harder." Efficiency!)

  16. Man this entire video is packed in life saving, life changing material, no exaggeration. Can be applied any other place.

  17. Great content marketing for your book. Not overly useful, but entertaining and yes, it makes us all curious about Tono-harroo. Tony Harew. Tauntaun-woohoo. Whatever it's called.

  18. Maaaan you are stubborn as F$) #.
    I really liked you art and appreciate your tips though. Hope that you found your middle ground and now works more efficient. 😊✌️

  19. I've got the same damn problem. But, it's easy to say all that, but it's harder to actually pull back and change how you actually make art. Have you actually pulled any of this change off in your work?

  20. Wow, this video really opened my eyes. I have such a love/hate relationship with art for. A few years now, but this video really helps! Failing isn't a bad thing and working more efficiently is great advice! Thanks!

  21. I still go back to this video many time after all this year, this should have more view, I currently battling perfectionism, I drew crazy amount of detail, and sadly when it zoom out, barely even seen, but still glad that there are there, I should zoom out my canvas more, and see what need more detail and what don't but still, I love doing detail, I know it's there, but for work related, deadline kinda important, and as an artist, if you have fix amount of payment, should consider time as well lol.

  22. I have a little idea for a comic I've been wanting to make, and so much of what you described sounds like a pitfall I would totally fall in. Glad I watched this video now haha

  23. Very cool! glad you took a while to complete its shows your really care about it to complete it after 13 years congrats! I think following your dreams and goals are most important!

  24. HaHaHa, I love this. Maybe you were working out a "past life" battles. And you were reincarnated as an artist to draw little lines for 13 years to achieve the goal you previously failed; perhaps a "pick up sticks" game with the king-god of a small kingdom, who you were tutoring.. Now you are free…

  25. Thank you very much, I will sure remember your tips.. they came right on time for me who is just at the beginning of an amazing artistic career..

  26. Dude tho, yeah but like… That's freaking amazing. I love it. Haha. That's for real amazing.

    I just realized if i had finished my comic i started and worked on it till now it would be the same amount of time, but instead i was doing arguably less productive things…

    Mine was about that intricate also but the art was based on illistrated manuscripts, haha I've been learning digital art the past year and I just found out about photobashing, which if i understand it can help me draw backgrounds faster, as well as not having to hand draw every thing painfully, I've been giving the idea of actually doing it some serious thought… OB it as a labor of love in my spare time. . I'm about to finish my first character sheet, and I'm brain storming the rewrite.

    I totally relate to everything that you said tho, from how i was and and am now. 🙂

    Good luck on your future projects. And I'm definitely going to check out your comic, it sounds rad.

  27. My advice once it takes more than a year scrap it you spent 1/8 of your life creating a book that barely anyone knows about or will even read

  28. You have discipline and you finished what you started. And THAT is a great personality quality. Remember THAT. It counts in more ways than one.

  29. In Germany we say "A good horse only jumps as high as it needs". Still, you did an impressive project I have to say.

  30. This video really makes me wanna buy your comic though! I love the details. Will definately buy it when number 1 is available again.

  31. Id say the time to be the absolute lover of corners is when one knowingly trains or practices something. I think it happens in sports and many other trades. The training of muscle memory and repetition makes hard way part of the spine and when one is in business or casual mode, they can easily pull up stunts cause they do not have to push their limits.

    Kinda like in power-training. The training itself is hard and tedious because muscle is expected to go to its limits. In training one is heightening their maximum potential when in life they usually need their "average potential". By heightening maximum they also increase their average.

  32. So… what if you can’t draw.
    I’m currently working on a novel but I really feel like it would be better as a graphic novel.

  33. scoffs seems he couldn't even make use of what he learned from those 13 years. 4 tips? I mean, are you serious? Do you even know how diminutively miniscule the number 4 is? Please. Sit down. Let the real masters work. Then you can talk, boy.

  34. Funny that you say that about anime. People notice most just don't talk about it. My mum always says "your just watching talking pictures"

  35. If it took you too long, then why didn't you just release different volumes of the book at different times? It looks like the end result was a set of three books. If that was the plan all along, why not release the first two volumes earlier, once you were done with each?

  36. Taking absurd amounts of time on a project isn't a waste as long as you gain from it. As long as you're learning, having fun, making it count. But if you're miserable and going through the motions, then there's no point

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