3-2 Final Project I Milestone One Literature Review Draft

Hey everyone! In this video I want to focus
on Final Project One: Milestone One, so this is the first of two milestones for
Final Project One, you’re going to submit here in Module Three and it’s your first
milestone that you’re going to submit for the course. This is the Milestone One
Guidelines and Rubric document and within this document, I highlighted and
bolded some key information to focus on to help you navigate through the
expectations for this assignment. So here – the first question is what articles are
going to include in your literature review? You’re going to include the three
articles that were selected back in Module One when you chose your track and
topic there were three links to three articles underneath your topic. Those are the three articles that you’re
going to review here in Module Three to complete this assignment. I also
want to point out that your literature reviews are not typical lengthy APA
reviews. They’re actually going to be short, targeted, adapted, literature
reviews and you’re going to submit three of them, one for each article. And each
one should be about one page in length. I can bring your attention down here, you did this already, you completed the
assignment Module Two Literature Review Practice journal assignment is
essentially the same process that we’re going to go through here in Module Three.
You’re going to focus on the same questions that are highlighted right
here. These bulleted questions are the same questions that you’re going to review
for each of the three articles. That being said, I want to direct you back to
the video for the Liiterature Review Practice Journal assignment where I went
into more depth with these, with these questions and the expectations. To guide
you, you have the Literature Review Template available, so refer to that.
You’re going to have three of those completed. And if you want to review the
Literature Review Example – that’s a completed literature
review that kind of highlights the expectations, what’s expected of you for
this assignment. I also want to direct your attention down here – there’s a link
to the SNHU Writing Center, an invaluable resource to take advantage of not only
for this assignment but moving forward in your program. But the SNHU online
Writing Center will be able to help you with APA formatting for these sources. Okay, I can scroll down here the
following right here the following items, elements, must be included, must be
addressed. So when you’re looking at the rubric, these are the essential critical
elements or components that have to be included in your assignment. I want to
just review them and highlight specific information within each one. So for the
first one right here you’re going to discuss how personality develops. So
the research presented in the courses are referring to the research articles that you’re
reviewing. Within those articles, how does it explain the development of
personality? The next item, B, you’re going to
summarize the claims and discuss within this element how personality is
assessed. How do researchers measure or gauge personality?
Moving down to C, explain how the view of personality has evolved over the
history of personality psychology. How has the view of what personality is
or is not, how has that changed within the literature that you are reviewing? Most
importantly here is to support with examples, include one or two examples
from the research that backs up what you state. D, explain any conclusions you can
reach about the research of personality psychology. So based on the literature,
based on the article that you just read, what can you conclude about the field
of personality psychology as a whole? This part is important as well, for E,
describe the specific research designs that were used. In other words, how did
the researchers conduct their investigation, carry out their studies?
This part – how did the research designs used by
researchers help in conducting research explains in more depth, you know, the
process that the researchers went through for collecting their data, for
assessing the findings related to personality psychology. So to back up –
what type of research was used and how do the researchers carry that out? Did they use a questionnaire? Did they use an experiment? And then the
process of how the research designs used were helpful in conducting their
research. This is going to play an important part in you developing
your research design later. G, discuss how issues of ethics has been
addressed. So just for the articles you’re looking at, one by one, how did those researchers protect the
participants? How did they address any ethical issues? How do
they inform the participants? Did they debrief the participants? How did they
protect the participants? Look for information related to that to identify
how this issues of ethics had been addressed. And last but not least, discuss
how issues of ethics and personality have been viewed historically. How have
issues related to ethics in the field of personality psychology been
viewed over time? A sentence or two will suffice here. And then, how has that view
changed? If you find it has changed, how has that view changed? So as the field of
personality psychology has progressed and evolved, how has the view of
ethics changed? And once again, it is very important support your responses with
examples, to use a specific example from the research article to support your
answer. Down here are the guidelines for submission. All of your citations, the list of
references should be APA format. This should come as no surprise. And then each
of the three literature reviews should be one page in length. Once again, use the
provided template to guide you through the process. If you have any questions
feel free to reach out to me. I also recommend that you review the critical
elements in this rubric because that’s exactly what I will be using to assess
your work.

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