2019 Goals and Channel Review

Happy new year! We have lights! Hi guys,
and welcome to our first video of 2019. As I mentioned last year, videos are
gonna be slightly slower coming out this year, because I have lots to do and not
enough time to film in. So unfortunately videos will now be monthly rather than
weekly. Fingers crossed we can bring some out a bit more regularly later on in the
year. We’ll see how it goes and keep you informed on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
and all of that stuff. As it’s 2019 I feel like I should tell you where we
want the channel to be heading for 2020 and hopefully what we can achieve by
then – fingers crossed. We have set ourselves a goal like we did
last year. Due to YouTube’s algorithms, we’re not actually being featured in
what you should watch as much as we used to be, since we’re now doing monthly
videos rather than weekly and so we are lacking somewhat in views compared to
last year. Hopefully that will change during the year as we start to bring out
a monthly video every month and YouTube sees that we are still posting content. In all fairness to YouTube that’s not their fault, it’s our fault for not
posting as regularly. Last year we set ourselves the goal of
trying to reach 50 subscribers by the end of the year. You might know that we
started Webslinger Productions in 2014 and posted short films on there. They
weren’t posted very regularly even though we wanted to do one every month, that
didn’t go as planned. But we did post a few. One of my
favorites is definitely Incognito – love that little teddy –
and probably Kit Kat Zombies, because it was so, so fun to make and just to put
makeup on everybody. When I say everybody that means three people. Our most viewed
video is definitely How to Sew Lycra, which
hopefully one day we’ll be filmed again, so that it’s slightly better quality. As
you can see we now have a light, which means that we’re not quite so blurry,
we seem a bit more in focus and it’s really helpful for the camera which is
actually a decent camera, but only when you have good lighting. As I was saying
our goal was to reach 50 subscribers and hopefully 10,000 views. We absolutely
smashed that and made it to 81 subscribers and 17,000 views which
I can’t thank you enough for – thank you so, so much! Because we’re posting less
regularly our videos aren’t being viewed quite as much, so I don’t know if we’ll
be able to achieve our goals for 2020 but fingers crossed we will. We are
aiming for a full – I can’t remember what we’re aiming for – as soon as I’ve managed
to find what we’re hoping for, I’ll let you know. it was indeed 40,000 views didn’t want to
embarrass myself and say something completely different on here. So yeah if you’ve seen this little Facebook post we are hoping to reach
150 subscribers and 40,000 life times views on the channel this
year. We shall see how it goes, it’s better to have high expectations rather
than low. I’d also like to thank the people who are liking the Facebook page which
is now up to 42 likes. I’ll leave all of the links down in the description box, but
please feel free to subscribe to the channel and to our various little pages
where we post information about the channel and sometimes – sometimes, very
rarely nowadays – but sometimes post pictures of what’s to come,
or little posts about what we’re doing. This year we’re hoping to be able to
film a short movie again, if the weather allows us to when we have free time. It’s
got to be filmed outside because it’s an outdoorsy one, so we’ll wait to see
hopefully in spring we’ll be able to start filming that if everybody is
available at the same time and if it looks as good as the script is then we
shall be posting that. I also have a few things that I’ve been wanting to try for
a while which I might be adding to the channel. One of those is retro gaming
because I absolutely loved my little ps2 and my little gameboy advance that I’ve
got at home and I would love to be able to share some of the memories that I
have from when I was younger and the games that I love to play on – and that
way I can also taunt my sister with Gauntlet. No seriously though that is
something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while but have never really found
the time to do it because it means that I would start a game and have to play it
from start to finish and I really want to have the time to be
able to do that. Hopefully, that kind of video will be appearing soon. I love the
fact that the channel, when it isn’t used for posting short films, is used for posting things that I absolutely love and at the minute we
have a lot of sewing, a lot of cooking and a lot of me just talking about
things that I like doing. And so I would like to add to that with the retro
gaming and possibly even books. Because I come from a family of people who love
books and always have a book on the go and it’s something that I love and that
hopefully one day when I have a family of my own my children will love to and
it’s something that I would love to share with you. Another project for the
year is subtitling videos in English and in French, it’s something that takes
quite a bit of time to do, so it will hopefully be appearing a bit at a time
and also updating the pictures so that people want to click on them more, and I
think that’s about it. That is our hopes and dreams for
Webslinger Productions in 2019. Hopefully, we can achieve at least a couple of
those things and we’ll see how it goes from there. So a big thank you to
everybody who watches our videos, it means so much to us and without you this
wouldn’t be worth it at all. So thank you so, so much. Have a lovely year and I hope you get everything that you want.

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