2018 Children’s Literature Conference

It’s cliche but if kids read, they will
succeed, and we all believe in reading that’s why we’re here. A conference like
this allows us to meet our rock stars. I get to see and hear from, you know, the
minds behind the books that I read to children. We’re getting the starting of
professional growth, right here. Hello my name is Dr. Karen Huff, and (group) welcome to Shenandoah University’s 33rd annual Children’s Literature Conference! I get to see
folks that are excited about books and they’re also the ones that are putting
my books in the hands of kids so it’s great to see them and get them excited
and just to kind of feed off their excitement. It’s just exciting all around.
A conference like this helps me be a better librarian because knowing more
about the authors and what motivated them to write their book really brings
the book alive Thank you for providing your students
with books, giving them time to read books, and giving them choice in the
books that they read I think it’s a great outlet for kids that read these stories all the time and to be able to see the characters and then come get their books signed – it’s a really, really fun event. As an auth or I love this conference
because of the opportunity to meet so many teachers and educators. But they’re my
colleagues; they help spread the word about reading and about books and I
could not do my work without them. I’m only interested in helping young people
feel a little less alone. There’s a famous quote that says, you know, that the artist can’t
necessarily fix the problem, it’s not the artist’s job. The artist’s job is to
frame the mess. I think that this world needs more
people like this in it and it’s a real honor and a privilege to get to hang out
with these people because I think they’re the real heroes who are changing things every day. I am planning to come back and I plan on bringing others. I
want them to share in this. This is something that should not be something that people
don’t know about, but I mean it should be they need a bigger home for it because
it is important. Thank you for joining us. We hope to see you at the 34th annual
children’s literature conference which will be held June 24th through the 28th,

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