2015 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards – Winner Children’s fiction – David Metzenthen

[Music plays] I think these awards are… because they’re so generous and because they’re under the name of the Prime Minister, that they actually validate that what a lot of people are trying to do in Australia and that’s artists and writers, and as I said in my speech, they are a shining light and we are obviously just groping around in the dark trying to do good works, and that they are given such high priority, or magnitude of generosity and I think it’s a great thing, and no recipient would ever take it for granted. We know where the money’s come from and we try to return it, you know, fourfold, we work hard for ourselves, but it’s to make great work about Australia, or people, so it’s really important to kind of rate like this industry, ‘cause it’s a hard working industry with not a lot of reward (laughs). [Music plays]

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