1920 – 1939 A literary student scene

Words are what universities produce. Words are consumed in the universities… but they also leak out into society. The role that the students played in the 20s in taking words from the University we will now talk about. In 1920 the students started their own student magazine… called Lundagård. That became very important. Because it became a hothouse for good writers and editors. They had a certain style. They were often good storytellers, they could be poets. The most famous of them, internationally, was Frans G. Bengtsson who wrote about, in Swedish “Röde Orm”, and translated into English, “The Long Ships”, about a viking who went all over the world. His style was characteristic, because it was learned – hidden learning. One could say that he illustrated this kind of… “Lund spirit” of taking fun very seriously, and the serious with a bit of fun. We see this for example when the students had their carnivals. They made a lot of fun of the Nazis in Germany, just south from here. However, soon afterwards they realized… no, the Nazis were not something you could make fun of.

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