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Hi, everyone! So two-and-a-half years ago,
I published my first Youtube video which was alcoholic butter beer. Yeah… like every first Youtube video you put out, it is the most awkward thing to watch. I thought the best thing I could do for
you guys was redo the video again and make alcoholic butter beer. So I’ve also
got lots of questions that I put at the end that I’ve been asked over the last
few years. So at the end of this video make sure you stick around, I answer all
those questions. So to make this you’re going to need 1 bottle of British ale,
1/3 of a cup of brown sugar, 2 egg yolks, 35 grams of butter and 1 teaspoon
of pumpkin pie spice. So we’re going to start- tilt your pan and this is so it doesn’t froth up. You’re going to pour the beer down the side and
you’re going to add in your 1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. You’re going to give that a little bit of a stir. Now, we’re going to bring this to a boil, and we are going to put together our eggs and our brown sugar. So pop our little egg yolks into the brown sugar I’m going to hold it up so you can see and I’m going to mix that really well. Here we go. So that’s what the consistency is. So what we’re doing now is we’re just going to wait for this just to come to a boil and then
we’re going to quickly bring that back down, just like, to a little bit of a low
simmer, just while the spices warm-up and infuse in the beer. Then you’re going to
turn off the heat. We’re going to let that cool just a
little bit, so pour this in there. We’re going to give that a really good stir and you want to do this on a very low heat. The sugar will have melted by now and
it’s looking really nice, so we’re just going to do our last bit, of popping in our
butter. We’re just going to stir that till it
melts. Now this is the part where I would usually say you, use your hand blender. I’ve spent last 10 minutes and i can’t
find it, so one of these days I really would like going to tell me where I put my own things! :/ So we’re bringing out the big boy here. I’m going to pour my butter beer. If
you have your hand mixer, that’s what’s going to be creating the froth. We’re
just going to pour that in, turn this on and this will give us our froth on top. Ok, beautiful froth on top. Now you just need to pour it. So we’ve got the big mug or if you’re throwing a party, these are Irish coffee
mugs, if you’re needing to know what you’re looking for. These are perfect for parties because
it’s just the right amount so people can taste test and a little bit of a sip. So I’m going to use our spoon, hold
back the froth, poor our beautiful butter beer in. When you’ve got just an inch so, that’s where all that froth goes on. And there we go, we have big massive mug of butter beer. You know what, I never get sick of this stuff. It is so good, you know, even if you
aren’t a beer drinker, it’s fantastic. So I’m going to quickly clean up and we’ll
answer some questions. Alright question time about butter beer.
Question number one, which isn’t really a question, it was a statement. I hate beer.
A lot of non beer drinkers love to this drink. Now if you really really don’t
want to try it like this, pour in a half a cup of milk and it kind of reduces a
bit more of that beer taste, but you’re still really tasting that butter beer.
Question number two, what type of British ale do you use? There’s quite a few
available. I prefer one called old Speckled Hen. I’ve tried quite a few
British ales but that one is my favorite for making the butter beer. Not sure about
drinking it straight, but it’s fantastic for this recipe. Part 2 of question 2,
what happens if I can’t find a british ale? What else do I use?
bBasically you’re looking for a brown ale. i think that’s what it’s called in other
countries. Someone recommended the Newcastle Brown Ale, so anyone knows what that is, you can go try it out, tell me how
it works. If anyone is noticing, the beer is going down, as I’m answering the
questions 🙂 Question number three. You’ve boiled it,
how is it still alcoholic? It takes approximately three hours to cook
alcohol out of beer apparently. I had to do my research on that one, and some
science websites came up with that answer. Also we only boiled it for not even
a minute, brought it up to a boil brought it straight back down. Basically we are
heating it to dissolve the sugars and to warm up the spices so it’s infused in
the beer. Ok, I think we’re up to question number
four, can I make a larger batch of this for a party? Yes! I made it for my Harry Potter party
a few years ago, and basically just need a much bigger pot to be able to make
this all in. And just give yourself some more time ,it’s going to take a bit
longer for all of it to warm-up. Question number five was, can you make this ahead and store it? Look, I’ve popped it into the fridge and drunk it cold afterwards. It
does separate, so you need to stir it before you serve it. Honestly though, because of the egg I’d
be a bit hesitant, to reheat it up again. I don’t know, I’m not an expert on that
one, so maybe someone else has a better answer, but I probably wouldn’t take that
risk. You want to drink it cold? By all means.
But I wouldn’t want to make it ahead of time if you’re going to reheat it. That’s the long-winded answer. Can i make this version non-alcoholic. Not really. I tried a version like this, these are the ones that are non-alcoholic from the grocery
store, and I got some really weird looks coming out of the store. It’s less than 0.5% alcohol. It just
doesn’t taste the same. I don’t know if it’s just that type of
beer, I haven’t tried other ales as well so I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s a
brown ale it has particular flavors that make it
butter beer. So long answer short, not yet. But I will be working on a
recipe and I will get it to you guys as soon as i can to get something that
tastes similar to this. Ok next question, I can’t find pumpkin
pie spice, where do I get it? If you’re in Canada or the state’s, normally a
grocery store. I’m in Australia, I can’t even get it here, so let’s make your own
pumpkin pie spice. You need to take 4 tablespoons of ground cinnamon, 4
teaspoons of ground ginger, 4 teaspoons of ground nutmeg and 3
teaspoons of ground allspice. And i’ll find where I found that recipe and I’ll
pop the link below somewhere, but basically mix it up together, stir it
really well, keep it in a container and then you can just use however much you
need from that. Some other technical questions. What happens when your beer
starts to separate? You can see it here, there’s like a little buttery line. You can cut down the amount of
butter use if you really want, but that’s just going to happen as the drink cools,
and I guess it’s to do with weights or whatever. Just give it a stir and it’s
good to drink. Last question. What happens if it looks like there’s solids? At the moment it’s really smooth. But if it look clunkys and kind of like things are dangling, basically you’ve cooked the egg. That’s what it means. Look it’s nothing wrong with it,
basically take a strainer and pour the drink, through the strainer into another
glass and it’ll be fine to drink. Basically what happens if you’re to do
it again, make sure after you’ve boiled it and mixed it, make sure the
temperature is really brought down. You know if you can stick your
finger in it, it’s still warm and really comfortable, without burning your fingers,
then you’re okay. putting the egg in. Of course I’m not saying stick your finger or your hand in the whole pot, you know, grab a spoon, pour some grab a spoon pull some up,
taste test out and basically when it’s basically when you can touch it
then you should be able to pour your eggs and and be able to cook it that way and just
keep really stirring it and you should be good. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed
that alcoholic butterbeer recipe and that hopefully those answer most of your
questions that you might have and if there’s any recipes that you really want
to see from any sort of literature leave a comment in this video or any of the
other videos you watch and I’ll be notified and I’ll pop it on our to-do
list i’ll see you guys next time

23 Replies to “1500’s Butterbeer recipe | Harry Potter | Food in Literature

  1. Would you be up to making some edible (drinkable) potions from Harry Potter? I've always wondering if it would be possible to make a Liquid Luck drink and Halloween is coming up fast! Loving your videos, keep being inspiring.

  2. hi I'm from a tropical country and I would really love to try butter beer. what would be the best alternative for the spice you've mentioned…

  3. I made a non-alcoholic version, and someone asked me how to make it WITH alcohol. Is it ok if I share this video with them?

  4. Once the temperature of the mixture exceeds 170F the alcohol will be stampeding to the exit. By the time it comes to a boil, hardly any alcohol will be left. Best to use a near beer and add a shot of vodka or whiskey at the end. Also, I'd use a Mexican beer (like Dos XX) instead of an English ale. The Brits tend to go heavy on the hops and it's the hops that make beer objectionable to people with an undisciplined palate. Mexi-beer, from my experience, is pretty light on the hops which is why I don't drink it.

  5. Just made it this evening to go with the brilliant version of pride and prejudice (one with Colin firth;) and it was WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for the recipe!

  6. hi from germany: i love love love that you researched the recipe, that you use real english beer and that you dont go for this ugly, commercial cream soda version. thank you for being a real magician, you made my day !

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