11 Fluffy & Happy F/F Comics

My name is Danika, and today I wanted to
share my recommendations for my favourite fluffy, happy F/F comics. So just to
clarify, I have a lot more sapphic comics that I have read and loved, but these are
just the really cute, fluffy, light, happy ones. Comics are one of my go-tos
when I need something that is happy and light and will be a pick-me-up. So
these are some of my favourites that really fit the bill. They are mostly
teen and all-ages comics, though there is at least one adult comic in here. And I
might as well dive right in. My first recommendation is Kim Reaper by Sarah Graley.
There are two volumes of this so far. So this is about Becca, who is an
art student, and she gets a crush on another girl at her school, and then she
finds out that the other girl, Kim, is a part-time Grim Reaper. And she ends up
getting pulled into all of the other worldly shenanigans that Kim is involved
with. This is obviously a really cute story, really sweet romance but they do
have some negotiating of boundaries, and really talking about their relationship,
because Becca has to talk to Kim about how she doesn’t always want to do
life-threatening things, and she wants some normalcy in her life as well. Also
one of the reasons I loved this comic so much is that Becca is so cute. She is
the cutest main character I’ve ever seen, and I love that she has a little belly
outline, and she is this fat character who’s depicted as someone who is happy
and confident and desirable. I really appreciated that. It made me feel more
confident about myself, because we don’t have dissimilar silhouettes. So I was
really appreciative of seeing someone with a similar body type to mine being
painted in this light. The most adult comic on my list is Sugar Town by Hazel
Newlevant. This is a queer, polyamorous, BDSM love story. So what I love about
this is all of the relationships are so gentle and supportive. Everyone checks in
with each other, they communicate. It’s not perfect: they have jealousy and
things like that that come up, but they talk it through. The art style is so
gorgeous. This is a very short read, but I cannot recommend this
highly enough. And of course I have to recommend Lumberjanes. It’s hard to think
that you don’t already know about Lumberjanes, but in case you don’t, it’s a
group of kids and teens of different ages and really different personalities
who are at this supernatural summer camp together. It’s really about the bond that
these girls have with each other, they really become kind of a found family.
That was my favorite part of the series is the relationship that they have, how
supportive they are of each other, even though they are very different. They all
have their own arcs and character development over the course the series,
and two of the girls begin a relationship. This is just so fun and
ridiculous. Obviously, you should pick it up. And of course I have Jem and the
Holograms. I absolutely love Sophie Campbell’s art style. It’s super cute,
really colourful. I appreciate the different body types
that they have. And one of the subplots is a romance between these two girls in
rival bands. I can’t believe I’ve only read the first volume. I really have to
go and pick up the other volumes, because I adored this. And then another one is
Space Battle Lunchtime volumes 1 & 2 by Natalie Riess. This is an all-ages queer
comic about a competitive cooking show in space, and I don’t know how I could
recommend this any better than that. When I finished volume 1, I thought, yeah, it’s
pretty obvious it’s queer, but I guess technically you could still call it
subtext? And then I started volume 2 and realized, no, this is definitely not just
subtext. I really recommend reading the two volumes back-to-back, because they
are one continuous story in a lot of ways. The romance is really great: it’s
two of the competitors in this cooking show. So one of them is a human, the main
character, who didn’t know that she was going to a TV show in space, and this is
her first experience that there are aliens. And then the other one is an
alien who is her competition on this show, but they start out the little
romance. So that’s really cute, and then the plot is full of hijinks and things
like the Cannibal Colosseum where you have to compete to cook your competitors?
So basically, if you love reality cooking and baking shows, as I do, and want to
read a queer comic that is super cute, this is
the perfect comic for you. Then I had to mention The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars,
volume one. I’ve read the other volumes, and they’re good as well, but this one is
particularly cute, because if you finished Korra– if you haven’t finished Korra,
do that first. And if you haven’t watched Avatar: the Last Airbender, do that first,
and then watch Korra, and then come back and finish this video, and then read this
book. But basically this was the perfect follow up to the end of the series for
queer fans, so spoilers from this point, but this takes place immediately after
Korra ends, and it makes it very obvious that they are in a romantic relationship,
and that’s why they were holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes, and
the first part of this book is basically just a romantic getaway for Korra and
Asami in the spirit world, and it is adorable, and it was exactly what i
wanted. And then, you know, there’s a whole plot, and like what you would expect from
Korra, but really I was reading it just for those first few pages of their
adorable getaway together. There’s also other mentions of queer characters in
the Avatar universe in this, so it makes it obvious that it’s not just Korra and
Asami, that there have been other avatars who are queer, other people who are queer
in this universe, so I appreciated that as well. Another all-ages comic I have to
recommend is the Goldie Vance series. This one gets into a little bit more of a
serious plotline than I associate with the other fluffy books on this list, but
the art style is so cute that it makes up for it. This is kind of a Lumberjanes
meets Nancy Drew sort of comic. It’s very 50’s-style. It’s about a teenage girl who
works part-time as a private investigator. It’s a diverse cast and I
love just the way it’s drawn and the way these characters are depicted. And of
course, there is a really cute love story here. She meets this girl who has a
very James Dean look, and they hit it off, and it’s a really cute romance. And of
course, I cannot skip over Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O’Neill. It’s
about two princesses who go adventuring together. They have an adorable
little dragon and a unicorn. Even the endpapers are shockingly sweet. Katie
O’Neill kind of sets the bar for cute queer comics. My favourite is the Tea
Dragon Society, but that one I don’t think is
technically F/F? It does have a gay male couple, and then it’s about two girls who
you could kind of see it as like a budding romance, but you could just see
it as a friendship, but basically everything Katie O’Neill is worth picking up. Another
one is Aquicorn Cove, which is am environmentalist story, but also has that
fantasy element. It deals some with grief, because the main character has lost her
mother. The romance is between Lana’s aunt and this magical underwater person–
who’s not a mermaid. She looks kind of like a Pokemon. And they sort of have
this tension, because Lana’s aunt is a fisherman, and the reef needs to be
protected, and they’re kind of struggling between the two. As always with Katie
O’Neill’s stories: adorable art, very soothing. You really can’t go wrong with hers.
Then there’s the Girl Friends series by Milk Moringa. This is a yuri manga, which
I haven’t read a lot of, but I feel like this is the prototype of that genre: it’s
school girls, there’s a lot of blushing. This is definitely a slow burn of a
romance. You’re going through like 500 pages of them slowly moving towards a
relationship. But the good thing is that this text takes them seriously as a
couple. It’s not like once they get older, they just kind of cast aside this as a
youthful relationship, which I know at least used to be really common in yur.i
So I appreciated that it did take them seriously as a couple. And it’s really
cute and very engrossing. Finally I had to mention a comic by one of my favorite
comic creators, Kate Leth, and this is Spell on Wheels, and it is about these
girls going on a road trip together. There’s magic, there’s witches, there’s queer side characters, and then–I didn’t write a full review for this, because the
queer characters are side characters, and not necessarily the main character, which
is my rule for what I’ll review at the Lesbrary, but I wrote a Goodreads
review, and it’s been years since I wrote it, and I now don’t really know what I
was talking about. So I’m gonna read it to you, and maybe you’ll understand me
better than I do. [laughing] “It not only has a lesbian side character,
but also a bisexual plotline.” What’s a bisexual plotline? What did
that mean? “Also, I’m sorry, but how are they all so attractive? I know they’re comics,
but… wow. Even the goat man.” Obviously there was an attractive goat man character. I
don’t know what to tell you. I know that I loved it, and that there I think is
supposed to be a continuation now, which I’m very excited about. So those are my
recommendations. Let me know if you have any favourites in this genre that I did
not include. And also let me know if you’ve read any of these and what you
thought of them, and thank you for watching!

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