10 Visual Novels you should GRAB during a Steam Sale

So, I was working on a video on talking about
visual novels in general, ye know how I think they’re pretty rad and more then just dating
them cute anime grills, but then steam went “hey yo autumn special sale get it while
it’s hot” so I decided to take a quick look at the steam store and make some recommendations
on what VN’s to grab during a steam sale. A quick disclaimer, I’m only recommending
games I personally have played and can vouch for, so if you are shocked that a game you
think is amazing like, the Grisaia series by Frontwing or Evenicle by Alicesoft is not
on the list, it’s probably because I haven’t played it yet. Also these recommendations are not in order
of WHICH I THINK IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER. Finally, although I put sale prices for this
current autumn steam sale, these visual novels will most definitely come on sale again come
any season like winter or summer, so if you have any interest you can purchase them from
steam at that point. With that out of the way, here we go! The House in Fata Morgana
This visual novel is one that involves tragedies, like alot of them. A mysterious being is enclosed in desolate
mansion, and at the behest of maid, dives into many tales of people. People who are initially happy, of people
who only wish for the best perhaps, or people who live in blind ignorance, and yet eventually
every one of these people will fall. What do these tales have in common? And why are we viewing them in the first place? The House in Fata Morgana is here on the list
because it’s gothic vibes, it’s cree ping horror, it’s distinct flair that separates
it from many of other stories, but most of all because it’s good, damn good even. Although there alot of characters in this
story, between the many different tales, and although you know that they will all end in
tragedy, there is still suspense and anticipation upon reading through these stories. Character’s motivations and underlying personalities
are all laid hidden, and revealed at the author’s discretion to the player’s delight. The horror in this game is the best-kind,
rather than jump scares, the story serves up an ever encroaching dread, of knowing the
fall, yet not knowing who, how, or why it reaches that point
As to what lies at the end of these tales of tragedies, that I leave to you interested
readers who decide to pick up this tale for yourself. Little Busters
Little busters is the tale of a group of high schoolers passing the time. Our main character Riki falls into despair
after losing his parents in a tragic accident, but after meeting little busters, a ragtag
group of friends, he too begins to smile again. Even as the years pass The little busters
still remain steadfast friends, however, as much Riki wishes they would, will these easy-going
days truly never end? Little busters follows key studios usual pattern
of storytelling, where the setting is startlingly normal, with a touch of the supernatural sprinkled
in. The other usual pattern is that, initially
the story takes it very slow, allowing the viewer to grow to like the characters that
inhabit this world and take in the relaxed atmosphere. This is then heavily contrasted with the emotional
gut punches appear in the latter half of every single route in their games. Even the strange mini-games sprinkled throughout
the game only serve to add to the story. Also might I add, the music really is beautiful
in it’s own right as well, I get chills when I hear it. Over the course of the time I played, I truly
did grow to care about Riki, rin, and the rest of the gang. If you didn’t reach for a box of tissues
once throughout the story, then dang man you have one iron soul. Just like my best boy Masato, a name so manly
his name literally translates out to true man, all hail the kiniku empire! KINIKU KINIKU
Planetarian Reveire of a little planet There’s an HD version, but it’s only in
chinese which I’m going to assume majority of people are not fluent in, so we’ll just
talk about the regular version. If you want to see a story that’s incredibly
short, yet somehow packed full of emotion look no further then Planetarian which tells
the tale of one individual during post-armegeddon, The world is in complete ruin, individuals
known as junkers search for artifacts to sell. One such junker meets Hoshino Yumemi, a seemingly
broken robot taking care of a planetarium decades after it’s abandoned, and agrees
for some reason to help her fix the projector. A short 2-3 hour story with no choices to
make. While at first the interactions of the junker
with Yumemi will probably aggravate you nearly as much it aggravates the character himself,
I eventually found it quite heartwarming, as I’m sure most of you will. Even though there are tons of hints of a terrible
apocalypse past, and we slowly learn of the horrible things faced by the junker throughout
his life, all this story really is about the time spent between junker and a broken down
robot, and perhaps a little bit of normal that has long since been forgotten in an abnormal
world. VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action
Chill vibes is the name of the game here as is immediately obvious from the awesome electronic
soundtrack to the starting screen of the game. VA-11 Hall-A tells the tale of Jill, a bartender
in some unnamed cyberpunk future. A sarcastic and bitter person who tends to
have a deadpan reaction to pretty much everything, so generally a pretty likeable protagonist. Jill meets various customers throughout the
few days the game takes place, listening to their various stories, and perhaps even serving
drinks they may or may not change their lives one way or another. I’m a sucker for more pixelated artwork,
so the drawing style of Vallhalla is right up my alley. Vallhalla’s primary gameplay draw, the making
and serving of drinks is incredibly simple, yet at the same time one of the better methods
of decision I have seen in a VN. While customers will request drinks, you in
the end are the one choosing what to make, and results may change from simply getting
more tips to perhaps finding more and more about them. The dialogue written for each character is
usually full of banter and wit, and even though you don’t meet each character for too long,
they all have interesting stories to learn about. Also might I add again how chill the music
is? If you are looking for a relaxed time this
is the VN for you. Make no mistake though, this isn’t a game
about serving drinks, but rather a game about serving drinks to listen to the story of the
customers Root Double Before Crime After Days Xtend
Edition Certainly a mouthful I know, but the story
isn’t anywhere near as pretentious as the title makes it sound. This visual novel is two individual stories
that eventually meet together. One is the Before Crime porition following
Natsuhiko Tenwa, a classic high school scenario with a psychic twist as he and his friends
spends their time uncovering the backstory of events leading up to the incident. After Days follows Watase Kasasagi, a rescue
squad captain suffering amnesia in the middle of a nuclear facility lockdown in as he tries
to rally together the survivors and escape an ever worsening situation
Root Double is a story more in-line with the visual novels I tend to enjoy, one’s with
plenty of action, hazards, and characters facing hard decisions. Well part of it is anyways. While i personally thought the before crime
school route was pretty boring, I found after days and the tense situations Watase finds
himself in to be a blast to read through. The high tension situations Watase faces like
surviving collapsing floors and electrifying hazards really gets the blood pumping. The decision gimmick or Senses Sympathy System
as they introduce it is an interesting way to make choices where players mess around
with relationship meters to make their decision. That said it is a little overly complicated
for really no reason. Root Double is full of twists and turns, and
as a suspenseful survival visual novel it really does knock it out of the park. Characters are likable for the most part,
and as a complete package I can’t recommend it enough. I’d recommend playing the school route first
so the survival part of the game with Watase and further beyond don’t lose their pacing,
but be warned, the school route does drags hard with all the backstory and sci-fi mumble
jumble they have to explain. Umineko Question and Answer Arcs
Might I say before we go any further that wow does the Steam trailer suck really bad,
like did they really just slap 10 minutes of the intro auto-scrolled and called it a
day, the heck? Which is funny cause underneath this terrible
trailer is a pretty legendary visual novel. Umineko setting is Rokkenjima, an island privately
owned by the Ushiromiya family who have come to settled an massive inheritance. However a mysterious letter is left by a witch,
and soon after horrible murders occur with no answer as to who done it, or how they did
it. As people disappear one by one, who will be
the last one left and will he or she be able to find out what happened? What I should first point out is that while
Umineko might at first seem like a horror novel, with all the gruesome murders and deaths
that occur throughout the story, it’s actually more of a thriller mystery with supernatural
elements. It’s the tale of a battle of wits between
our appropriately named hero Battler and the Golden Witch Beatrice, it’s tale of a endlessly
repeating visit full of death, and a tale of love gained and lost and so much more. The 2nd thing I should probably point out
is that, this is a kinetic novel, so there are no choices to make here, merely a story
that is to be presented to you. But make no mistake, that doesn’t mean scares
are any less real or the conflicts the hero faces any less dire. If you are looking for a mystery full of twists
turns that’ll keep you engrossed for dozens of hours, check this one out. To the Moon 66% off $3.39
This one is not a visual novel in the traditional sense, but it is a RPG Maker game purely about
experiencing a story through a visual medium so close enough in my opinion! To the moon is a adventure game where you
control Dr Watts, a member of a pair of doctors with Dr Rosalene dedicated to fulfilling the
wish of their patients, but only in their head. For this case, they try to fulfill the dream
of Johnny, an elderly man whose last wish for some reason is to go to the moon. Underneath this rough exterior of an RPG maker
game lies a simple, yet incredibly touching story. Although it’s not a very long experience,
probably clocking in at about 4-6 hours, it’s still one that I think people will still fondly
look back upon once it’s said and done. You learn alot about these characters in the
short time you have with them, of both the patient whom you are trying to help and of
the doctors who you control. What it lacks in facial expressions and snappy
sound effects, it more then makes up with a melancholic atmosphere, and dialogue that
hit you hard, even without any spoken voices. Seinarukana
Surprisingly enough, this is probably the first one I’ve put on the list that is in
the realm of fantasy. Nozomu is an ordinary student attending a
normal school with his friends, fooling around. Everything changes however when the ancient
soul of the god known as the destroyer awakens from within him. Soon he and his friends are forced on a journey
across dimensions, one if uncompleted could doom the entire universe as they know it. As an awakened god threaten to overtake his
body, can Nozomu and his friends return home safely,
Honestly, normally I’d recommend the prequel before this game Eien no Aselia for having
a better story and characters, however while I do think the visuals are dated in both,
they are simply butt ugly in Eien no Aselia so I’ll recommend Seinarukana instead. Seinarukana is unique on this list simply
because it’s a visual novel wrapped in a strategic RPG hybrid. While the gameplay isn’t super polished,
it still requires some form of thinking from the player, especially if the player is aiming
for high ranks as the game evaluates the player between every mission. Sprite work is decent, and combat is rewarding
with new abilities to learn, if eventually ending up a bit repetitive due to the how
long fights get later in the game. Perhaps my biggest problem with the game is
how route branching occurs only in the last 5 hours of the game, which is bad since the
game actually pretty long at like 40 hours for a single playthrough. that said it’s still worth a singular playthrough,
and certainly there are far worse “games” by steam visual novel standards. Symphonic Rain
Our boy Chris lives in a city called, oh no, Piova? A city of eternal never-ending rain, and has
been kinda just bumming around. Here he attends Piova Communal School of Music,
a school whose graduation requirement is that the student must perform an original song
for the final examination, however Chris doesn’t seem to care, and just wastes his days away. As the time grows shorter however, at his
friends and teacher’s urging, perhaps even he will find a partner who can allow him to
play once more. A simple and yet not so simple story about
music and love. Also Chris got a fairy for some reason or
another, so that’s chill too. Supposedly the steam version is an HD remake
of the original, that said I still vastly prefer the original artwork, as the new one
just looks a tad bit off, especially the eye placement compared to the much softer original
drawings. Aside from that symphonic rain released on
steam is pretty much the same game. I find the story to be great, with a surprising
amount of darker parts in what is initially, an otherwise really deceptively cute game. While the main gameplay aspect fits thematically
in the visual novel, it is quite terrible in terms of a practical standpoint. As this is a visual novel about music, aside
from making choices to achieve an ending, this game is interspersed with a rudimentary
rhythm game intrusion. While I can see where they were going with
this, as just like the main character, you practice the song repeatedly to do well in
the recital at the end, in actual practice it’s really boring to play the same song
with no changes over and over. Thank the heavens that it’s entirely optional
though except for the last performance near the end in Lisa’s route. Aside from that sad excuse of a rhythm game,
the plot itself is great, the music is always a mixture of subdued joy and sadness which
fits with the game well. If you are looking for a story to read that
isn’t quite as meaty as some of the others I mentioned, and yet still has a surprising
level of depth 428: Shibuya Scramble:
I just did a huge hour long rant about this entire game, which you can check at the end
of the video. Quickly though, 5 people in Shibuya run into
a conspiracy that threatens to engulf all of shibuya. I recommend this game just for the sheer amount
of comedy and emotions present in the game. Their use of live-action is quite refreshing,
especially in a medium which rarely if ever does so, and does so well. If you are looking for a visual novel that
emulates a thriller tv drama, this is definitely the one for you. Biggest problem is the lack of a skip button. If you wanna hear more about it, just check
my insane hour long review which would be linked at the end. These are just some of the VN’s that I saw
on the steam page while scrolling through the sales that I personally enjoyed before. If you have any other recommendations you’d
like to share to others feel free to leave it in the comments, since there are definitely
some I left out due to not playing yet. If you’d like me to go into more detail
about any of these visual novels just mentioned leave comment and we can talk about it there,
or I might make a future video on it. I promise I’ll not go nearly as long as
the previous video on 428 Shibuya Scramble. If you like what you just saw, you could always
hit the like button and subscribe to keep up to date when I throw out my next video. Welp with that I’ll cya around next time!

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  1. Nice video man! There is a huge lack of visual novel youtube channels and I'm glad to have found this one. Would definitely like to see another steam recommendations video if you decide to make one. PS. some other good visual novels on steam would be WORLD END ECONOMiCA and Chaos;Child. Both are really good but Chaos;Child is on another level.

  2. I bought planetarium back in may and root double and I just bought va-11 and I bought the house of morgana in June lol on sale well all these where on sale omg I just bought umineko to lol

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