📚 Studying at Malmö University | How to find course literature

To find your course literature, it’s always good to start early. You can find information about the books you need in Canvas and the syllabus on the University’s website. Now I’m going to talk to Markus from the library. Let’s find out more. My three best tips for finding relevant literature would be: Number one, use more words when searching. If I for example look for something related to leadership, I should add search terms like ‘organisation’, or ‘group dynamics’ to your search to get closer to what your looking for. Number two, use the filters in the search. When you get a lot of search hits you can use a filter in the search engine to, for example, choose date of publication. You can choose what type of material, you can choose language of publication that will get you closer to home as well and number three, use what you find to add to your search. you can find lots of new terms, tags, keywords linked to the material that you have found. So you can add it to your future searches and get closer to what your looking for. If you can’t find the book in the library’s search, you shouldn’t be worried. There are several other ways of finding your book. For example, the national library search engine Libris. Here you can search for books in all of Sweden’s university libraries. So you can find it even in Stockholm or Umeå for example. We also have an interlibrary service, where we can borrow books from other university libraries to Malmö and lend it to you second hand. If that doesn’t work, you can make an acquisition proposal, that means that you can ask us to by the book instead and include it into our catalogue. Apart from borrowing books from the library, you can also buy them new or used from different places. For example, at ‘Campusbokhandeln’, where you can find used books for a cheaper price. Search in Facebook groups, such as these ones. There are lots of student discounts when you are a student and want to buy books. You can download the apps ‘Studentkortet’ or ‘Mecenat’ to compare prices when you want to buy somehting. I really hope you will enjoy your stay at Malmö University. And good luck with your studies.

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