๐ŸŽƒ BALDI HAS a WIFE?! | Baldinas Basis in Education Literary Grammar

What’s wrong with your hair?!
It’s got a mind of its freakin’ own! [Harsh sound, SCREAMING]
OH MY GOD!1!1 [Up-tempo music]
So I heard you like getting notifications Well, smack the subscribe button
and the little bell icon [Up-tempo music]
And you will get ’em daily! And you guys ready for
the BEST GAME OF THIS YEAR? Well, if you are,
I’m sorry to disappoint, but this is not it ;( This in BALDINA!
It’s like Baldi, but.. [Sad piano music]
I think it’s his wife? Or girlfriend? Or girlfriend? I don’t know! I can’t move my mouse up or down!
I can only go left and right! [Sad piano music]
I need to collect eight notes Oh my God, you’ve got to be kidding me!
Hey, man! *laughs* [Sad piano music]
The most awkward meme there is! Oh, this is her! Baldina! Okay.. She looks like she came straight out of Roblox [Sad piano music]
Has a little more hair than Granny So this is the first thing you see
when you enter this school [Sad piano music]
Just a bunch of furniture all over the place *chuckles*
Look at this guy! [Soft flute music]
[Hide-Your-Pain Harold] [Harsh awful flute music, OH MY GOD!] [music stops, thank God]
Oh my God, that awkward smile! [Distorted voice]
Where will you be, when diarrhea strikes?! – [Baldina in weirdly distorted indistinct voice]
Welcome back to schoooool! – [Baldina in weirdly distorted indistinct voice]
I’m Baldina, your literature teacher – [Baldina in weirdly distorted indistinct voice]
Hurry up to the classroom! – [Tony] Okay?! [Sad piano music]
What kind of subject you’re teachin’, anyway? School rules [Sad piano music]
I literally can not read this! Why would you put school rules
and make it all blurry? Well, anyway.. Hall of Fame! Is this Lil Pump? And it’s Elon Musk hitting a bl.. *laughs*
That is amazing! The Hall of Fame!
Why am I not on there? [Sad piano music]
It’s just memes! I need to have my own memes! Well, anyhow.. Let the class.. Well, anyhow.. Let the class.. Begin! – [Baldina in weirdly distorted indistinct voice]
#$^$%^%()#$%$^@#[email protected]% – [Baldina in weirdly distorted indistinct voice]
As you remember.. %$)%(*$)(%&@)#(&%& [What-the-heck-did-she-just-say awkward silence] – [Tony] I.. I swear to God,
I can understand Baldi better than you! Who did the voice acting? [Sad piano music]
Look at those high heels! You’re not even that scary!
I can walk right through you! Yeehe-haaaa!
You know what, I’m just gonna go [School bell ringing, music stops]
Grab my 8 notes.. Okay.. [Harsh sound]
WHAT’S WITH THE FACE?! [Intense instrumental music] Why did you make such a face?! I think she wants to kill me! [Intense instrumental music] Are you still the.. Okay!
What’s wrong with your hair?! [Intense instrumental music]
It’s got a mind of its freakin’ own! [LOUD SCREAMING]
OH MY GOD! [ScareCam] *laughs histerically*
Jesus! Okay, you know what.. This time
I’m gonna go right after the letters! I don’t even care! Hey, Harold! Hide-your-pain Harold Hey, Baldina! Ah, this is so cancerous! [Sad piano music]
I can not believe I’m playing this game, man! What I don’t do for you, guys By looks of it, for the game to start
I actually do need to enter the classroom But then I can leave right away And the game is started, right? Okay, let’s try to find the notes Hey! Who are you, girl? Who’s that girl?
Why are you not in cla.. Ohhhhh It’s Harold! Hey, Harold! *hysterically laughs* [Sad piano music]
Harold looks so freakin’ funny Oh my God! [School bell ringing]
Oh, BOY! Who might you be?
Just let me go! Who was that?! Oh, boy! It’s principal Harold! Hey, there’s the guy again!
Are you the bully? – [Weird voice] It’s staaaartiiinnggg… – [Tony] Are you trying
to tell me that I should go here? [Tense music]
Okay. I will! I will!
There are no notes! [Tense music]
Literally no notes! Ah, finally! There we go!
Thank you! That’s one note! [Tense music]
I got one! Seven to go! Baldina anywhere? Nowhere to be found! [Tense music]
No, no.. It’s.. damn it Oh, hey!
Hello there, little girl! [Harsh creepy sound]
Oh, boy! [Tense music] Are you the Sweep Guy? Oh my God! Your face looks weird! [Tense music]
What’s with your face? Why are you so sad? Is it because you’re cleaning everything?
You shouldn’t be sad, you’re doing a good job, man! There.. [HARSH SOUND]
Oh, boy… [Intense instrumental music]
Hello! You look like freakin’ Medusa I’m gonna turn into stone just by watching you *Escapes to intense drum music* Oh, finally more notes!
Alright, there’s two of them here! [Music slows down]
How am I supposed to get to it? Oh, there we go! Okay! Okay Harold.. get out of here! Can’t me if you ffffreakin’ can! Okay, I’m stuck This game is.. man.. I don’t even know I don’t even know! [Heartbeat sounds]
Oh, no! [Heartbeat sounds] [Heartbeat sounds]
Oh, no, no, no, no-no! – [Baldina] Return to the classroom!
– [Tony] Okay, here we go! [Heartbeat sounds]
– [Tony] This is gonna be a little difficult This is gonna be a little difficult
to get out of.. But! [Heartbeat sounds]
BUT! [Intense music starts]
Good thing that Baldina is stupid! [Music intensifies]
And good ol’ Tony here! [Music stops as Tony escapes]
Is very smart! There we go!
Out freakin’ smarted! What is this?! Is that water?.. Oh, no! [Intense music starts] Oh, no!
I’m glued to the freakin’ ground! Oh no, this is bad,
I can’t move for 10 more seconds [Intense music]
Ah, she’s gonna catch me Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me, come on! [Intense music]
Five seconds, I can do it! [Intense music]
Five seconds, come on! [Music intesifies]
Come on.. One! I can do, I can definitely do it!
There we go! [music stops]
There we go. I did it. *laughs* Whatcha gonna do about it, Baldina?! NOTHING!
You ain’t gonna do nothing! Okay? So many peop.. OH, NO! I’ll just type in random numbers, come on! God! I can’t type in random numbers, okay *Hacks math exercises to intense music*
Four.. Uh… That’s a… [Music intensifies] *Hacks math exercises to intense music*
SIX! COME ON! *Hacks math exercises to intense music*
Uh, that’s a.. One! [music stops]
And let me go! Okay! Oh, boy! That was close! That was close, good thing
I’m such a good mathematician, man! *chuckles*
I hate math! [Sad violin music]
Oh, NO! oH No! aH COME ON mAN! Come on, this is not fair! [Sad violin music]
I couln’t have seen it! This is so unfair! So freakin’ unfair! [Sad violin music]
Ah, yeah, she’s definitely catching me this time [LOUD SCREAMING] [Not-So-Scared-Cam] You see my face there, Baldina? Have you seen it? Yeah! Tony ain’t scared of you! The Alliance ain’t scared of you! Right, guys?
We’re not scared of this freakin’ clown! I’ve got my army of ninety-year-olds,
like PewDiePie! Hey, at least I’m not doing
cancer content, like RedHatter, right? – [Baldina indistinctly] $$#)*#)^&_
– [Tony, mocking Baldina] Litiracha! – [Baldina indistinctly] $$#)*#)^&_
– [Tony] Shut up! One down. Seven to go. Wait, I have a crowbar now? What’s the crowbar used for? Can we smack Baldina in the face? Then she’s gonna lose the rest of her hair [Tense instrumental music]
Oh, no! Come on, man! Doin’ a lousy job of cleanin’ this place! Just put water all over it! [Tense instrumental music] Who are you? [Tense instrumental music]
Who the heck are you?! Who is that guy?! He’s always hanging out
in the teacher’s lounge Alright, three!
We need three of these freakin’ papers! Oh-Oh! OH-OH!!1 Oh, not good!
[HARSH SOUNDS] Oh, this is not good!
Come on, please don’t tell me it’s Baldina! Is it? Oh, it is..
I need to think of something, come on! [REALLY LOUD HARSH SOUNDS, BLUERGH!]
I can get out of this! [REALLY LOUD HARSH SOUNDS]
Yes! *cheering*
Yessss, I did it! *laughs*
Hell yeah! YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHH!1!11 Get ouf of here, Sweep Guy! Sweep-swep-guy-thing Aaaallrrriiiight, that’s ooooone moarrrrr And I only need four!
Why do I even need these papers?! Who the heck knows.. We’re studying litelat.. Littlelittlerature.. L..hmphh llbdbdlbdlbldauuat
That’s a tongue twister Litlrature.. Literature.. I don’t know.. I DON’T LIKE YOU, OKAY?! – [Tony] I DON’T LIKE YOU!
– [Weird guy in deep voice] YOU SHALL NOT PASS – [Tony] You shall not pass?! Oh, I shall, mister! I shall pass, alright?! No, no, no, no, no,
you get out of here, little girl! [SCREAMING DAMN LOUD
OH MY GOD WHAT THE HECK] [THE HELL WAS THAT, HOLY-MOLY!] *laughs hysterically* Damn it! Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!
So went inside the room just to.. Freakin’ put water where I’m standing! You could’ve done it outside! Ohhhhhhhhhhh….
Okay. I need two more
– [Baldina] Return to the lesson! – [Baldina indistinctly] $$#)*#)^&_
– [Tony] And she’s gonna catch me now [GOD DAMN IT BALDINA
STOP YELLING ALREADY] *grunts, inhales deeply* *grunts* I always get so frustrated
when I play these stupid games! Sorry, guys, but I’m done! I’m done with this game. I don’t like it But anyway,
thank you guys for watching this video! Hopefully you have enJoeyed it! If you did, make sure
to smack the like button If you did, make sure
to smack the like button IN THE FACE! And dance with me in the outro [Rhythmic beautiful house music]
Pararapapam… [Rhythmic beautiful house music]
[Wow, sick dance moves, Tony!]

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