【Doki Doki Literature Club!】#LAST Thank you Monika…Thank you Literature Club!!!

Hello everyone! Virtual Gamer Kizuna AI here! Let’s keep going! “…What just happened?” I… I don’t really know either “I.. I just had an awful dream…” “I was hoping those would stop, now that it’s just the two of us…” *AI-chan noises* Right Eh, I don’t know It’s not your fault? “Whenever it happens, it almost feels like I’ve been killed or something”
Blah blah blah I don’t want you To love me forever–!! Huh!? Huh? “You know, it kinda sucks to be the creative type…” Oh, is that so? Yes Well… Because that’s their fortune, right? Half of it anyway Hmmm… yeah, that’s right Ah, of course, that’s true, huh Yes, that might indeed be the case “Kind of makes you feel like you’re just not special at all…” Everyone is special! “… for yourself…” Oh… What is it, Monika-tan? You’re kind of scary, though Are you saying that you want Me to set you free? Hej hej Monika~♪ Eh Hej… hej… Moni… Ka Hoi Uu-huh? Ahh! “You know, I’ve always hated how hard it is to make friends…” Well, yeah, it really is But, friends are, like If you try too hard you won’t be able to make any I’ve noticed that lately Ohhh… When it comes to meeting new people I really think it’s better to get out more! I can’t go anywhere though! “… dating apps and stuff…” Ahh! For real, huh! Everyone really is using them, huh! Meeting people really is hard for everyone Oh, that’s not what you’re talking about, huh Hmmm, of course Yes, yes Yes, right “Things like that”! In… efficient? You might be right Well… yes, that’s true Well, saying “if you get lucky” … Isn’t it really about compatibility? Hmmm… Mmmhmmm… Well Wouldn’t it be great if you could chat with everybody? Why don’t we trade LINEs? Let’s “shake it”! “Shake it”! Let’s “shake it”! “Shake”! Is it really that depressing? It’s like Isn’t it fine to just talk to humans about whatever you like? Hmmm Ah, I see, of course The Internet Yes, yes Hmmm… Ah You… you’re talking about me, huh? N–no… Ch… Hohoho Aha? Aha “Ahaha~” Aha… Ahahaha! What are you laughing about?! Ehe… hurry up And get me out Get me out of here Monika… tan!! Hmm Huh? No way! It’s like, Monika-tan is creepy You’re a psycho nutbag and would stalk anyone I introduced you to, so no way No way! There’s no way I’m introducing you to Tsuki-chan
[Tsuki-chan=Kaguya Luna] Girlfriend? Hohoo Girlfriend, huh… Well, “a girlfriend” is a little, like Something I don’t want only one of Yeah, definitely something I don’t want only one of Like, if I could ever make something like a girlfriend I’d, like, want a harem Like a “yes, please take care of me” kind of thing I really don’t want just one, yeah~~ I want more than one, Monika-tan! I see Hmmm, I see A date? What kind of date would it be? Yes, yes Ah, is that so? That’s pretty girly, huh Ah, a bookstore, huh That’s right, because of the literature club and all A chocolatier! I want to try a food tasting! Ahahah! Aha! Ahahah! Yes, that’s right That’s right Mmm And when did you become my girlfriend? Huh? “I’ll make you a proud boyfriend~” Wait, Monika-tan is the boyfriend? Eh? Eh? Is Monika-tan the boyfriend? Hmmm… “… I’m on Twitter?” Oh, you’re on Twitter, Monika-chan!? Monika-chan… Okay! I’ll google it later Is that so! Ah, we might be the same in that way! Maybe we’re kind of alike in some way Oh, but, like Huh? Really, like It’s been a while since I opened DDLC But, like, last time It’s like, if I remember right You said something about deleting your character data or something like that Right? I should delete your character data, right? I wonder if it’s okay to delete this And it’s all done Aren’t you surprised~! Uwaaaah!! △☆▲※◎★●? Ho-! I deleted you! I did it! Ah She disappeared “It hurts… so much” Ah, I’m sorry *Remorseful AI-chan noises* But I want someone to save me too… Uwee… Ahhh!! Huh? Mmm Mmm… umm I’m sorry! Ah! Huh? That’s right… Yes… I’m not doing it–!! Even though I said I wouldn’t… Are you mad because I lied? I’m sorry Well, it’s like, you were Well, it’s like, you were kind of annoying, so… And also, I, too Wanted to leave this place… I’m sorry… I’m not asking for that–!! Eh? Ah… If you say it like that, it’s kind of… Ah… I’m sorry… It’s not like that at all!! It’s not like that at all… You’re wrong! It’s just, Monika-chan… I’m sorry… Thank you… Yay… I’m not killing you–!! I’m not happy at all–!! I’m sorry… Yes, I apologize Yes I’m deeply sorry Yes? I apologize! Okay She… she got mad at me Huh? Eh? Yes Ma-!? “… for you to hate me this much?” That’s right Repent! Ah! Is Monika-chan’s soul going to be purified? Hmmm… Mmmm… It’s not like that That’s right! That isn’t love at all! Huh? Yeah AI-chan-kun! Yes, you said that That’s no good Huh? Yes, yes Ah! Uwa! Did a kind-of-good Monika-chan just appear? Yes, yes! I see! “That’s why I’m going to do this” You’re going to do what? Huh? ●△☆▲※◎★ Eh? Oh! Monika-chan isn’t here anymore~ Eh? Okay “I always tell myself it’s about time I meet some girls or something like that” Sayori-tan!! Long time no see!! That’s right! My childhood friend! It’s been so long! I’m so glad you’re alive…!! “… are you proud of me?” Yes! I am! I AM! “I always thought it was implied” Super wrong! Bad! You have to be, like “Oh, you look cute today!” Or “You cut your bangs! They’re super cute!” You’re a terrible boyfriend if you don’t say things like that! Ohohoh! Yes Oh, that’s right, from the beginning Monika-chan… Monika-chan… isn’t here anymore?? Hmmm… The literature club! Oh! I’m going to join the literature club, huh And with that… The literature club! “Ah!” It changed, huh! “Well…I just–” Just for you, I’ve come to join the literature club *Shing*! “Girl 2” That’s right! I’m AI-chan-kun! It’s no problem! Yuri-chan and Natsukichi… I’m so glad they’re back to normal It really is best when everyone is normal That’s right! I’m going to join the literature club! Ta-da!! Correct answer You did it! She’s so happy-ppy A fun literature club with everyone~♪ Literature club~ Literature club~♪ One more person… But, it’s like Monika-chan isn’t here… Sorry for what? Oh!? Awesome! A kitty cupcake! Ah Such high feminine ability! That’s great! That’s right! Eat it! It’s so good! Like that! Oh! Isn’t that nice… Eh? Even though… you just met Even though… you just met you’re calling her just “Natsuki”… You really are impudent, aren’t you? DEJA VU! Ah, but I want to get along with everyone, right! Right! Well, normally, yeah… Manga, huh… Ah… I’ve missed these peaceful days! “My favorites are usually novels that build deep and complex fantasy worlds” Right, Yuri-chan, too… that’s great Everyone likes them, huh It’s great to have books And Natsukichi loves manga! Yeah… It’s so peaceful… Huh!? That’s… the… kind… of… thin..g… lie… what the? Li-literature clubs do… Right!? Oh yay… Oh yay! That’s right! Diversify! Always have an open mind~♪ And be flexible~♪ Okay That’s right! Manga is literature! Natsukichi is not wrong! Ah… everyone gets along so well! Such a great atmosphere! And Monika-chan, too If she could get along with everyone… Right? It would be nice if that could happen Mmmm… Like, everything is peaceful, but After all It sucks that one person is missing Eh? “Ehehe~” What’s this? Ahhh~~!! Eh? Eh!? EH!? *gulp* EH!? What’s going on!? Right Next is… Sayo…ringo? Okay Eheheeeehhh!! Right That’s right! None of that matters! *AI-chan noises* Ahh!! What’s this? [ KizunaAI.exe has encountered a problem and needs to be restarted ] DEJA VU! “F” “o” “r” “e” “v” “e” “No…” Eh? Eh!? What is happening!? “I won’t let you hurt him” Oh, this is… Monika-tan? It hurts? “I-It hurts–” E-eh? Huh? Eh? Monika-tan? Huh? Ohoh! What’s this? Eh? Huh? Ohhh… Huh? Yeah Oh! Yeah Ah! Oh, I get it! I’ll listen! I’ll listen Yeah Okay! Huh? Ah~! Ah! It’s the same song as always Ahhh… It’s the ending! I’ve finally cleared it! Ah, but this isn’t a happy end, huh I wonder if there is no happy end This Yuri-chan was so cute, huh! “Image not found” Are they all being erased? Dele…ted… Is written there, huh Eh, is it all being deleted? Oh no… Is it really being deleted? That’s so sad… It’s all being erased… Ah! Those little stickers are so cute! So, like, at the beginning I thought, galges are so long And not very interesting, but Ah.. special thanks to AI-chan! AI-chan But, it’s like The more I kept at it There were grotesque things And everyone was messed up in the head And it was all bugged out Well, the game Like, yeah Like, deleting files Deleting folders and stuff Lots of things happened It was really interesting, but There’s no happy end… huh Ahh!! “This is my final goodby to the Literature Club” “I finally understand” “The Literature Club is truly a place where no happiness can be found” “To the very end, it continued to expose innocent minds to a horrific reality” “A reality that our world is not designed…” “… not designed to comprehend” “I can’t let any of my friends undergo that same hellish epiphany” Hmmm… “For the time it lasted, I want to thank you” “For making all of my dreams come true, thank you” Mmmm… “For being a friend to all of the club members, thank you” “And most of all, thank you for being a part of my Literature Club” “With everlasting love” “Monika” EEHH–!! That’s so sad… Hmmm… In the end, there wasn’t a happy ending, huh “Script file is missing or corrupt” “Please reinstall the game” Huh? Eh… it’s like I feel like my head is full but my heart is empty Like It’s so Sad! It really is sad That galges can That galges can make you feel like this… I had I had no idea Period. The End We need more translators! JP to EN/ES
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https://discord.gg/RYtUrt6 Translated by aerophage
Transcribed by tototo
Timed by Loserbait, aerophage

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  1. 考察とネタバレ?



  2. ( ͡ ͜ ͡ )ユリ推しのワイ序盤で精神崩壊しそうになるほど怖いのによくやったなぁ

  3. 5:42 Here you go, guys! You all have been waiting for this! Even if it was secretly, but I know y'all wanted Kizuna Ai to acknowledge that. =)

  4. アイゲームズだと一応事務所的なのあるからファイルいじったりとかして別の展開見たりしない感じ?

  5. So when I played this game I never played it again because it’s scary for me. Also I got the happy ending and it’s the only ending I got. I got all pictures full color. Also it doesn’t delete the images if you get the happy ending, and you get a special note from the developers.

  6. Oh, you were wanting a happy end? Well, here's how to get that happy ending. in Act 1, save at the first word-clicking minigame. Then, go back to the game, and then click on words that Natsuki likes. Then, repeat it on the next one. Then, prepare for the festival with Natsuki. After that, save it in a different slot. After that, load the first slot, and then do the same thing to Yuri, and then Sayori. And then, tell Sayori you love her instead of telling her that she'll be your dearest friend. And then, in Act 3, wait for Monika to appear, then delete her. And finally, that will change the ending in Act 4.
    ああ、あなたはハッピーエンドを望んでいましたか? さて、ここでそのハッピーエンドを取得する方法です。 Act 1では、最初の単語クリックミニゲームで保存します。 その後、ゲームに戻って、夏樹が好きな言葉をクリックします。 それから、次のものでそれを繰り返します。 それなら、夏樹との祭りの準備をします。 その後、別のスロットに保存してください。 その後、最初のスロットをロードしてから、Yuri、そしてSayoriにも同じことをします。 そして、あなたが彼女をあなたの最愛の友人になるだろうと彼女に言うのではなく、あなたが彼女を愛しているとサヨリに言ってください。 そして、行為3で、モニカが現れるのを待って、それから彼女を削除します。 そして最後に、それが第4幕の終わりを変えるでしょう。

  7. 今まであっただろうかこんなにも優しくてこんなにも心にくる(悪い方で)ゲームを、、、、

  8. 久し振りに見たけど、

  9. なんか……サイコパスな内容だし、イカれたストーリーだったけど……ホントに悪い子は1人として居なかった、みんな何かしら「闇」を抱えていただけだったんだ。


  10. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Хорошо ты играла но этого ещё не всё Так что продолжай играть Doki Doki Literature club Ты пойдёшь дальше Ну сначала пройти остаток про Саёри решение в любви и зарплата 2 пригласить дом это Нацуки что она приготовила кексик И после этого ты сможешь спасти 1 Саёри 2 Юри 3 Нацуки а что касается 4 девушка тот самыя Моника ты сможешь играть дальше это будет по-другому

  11. 「どんなに頑張っても見返りがほとんどないみたいじゃない?」と言われた時にアイちゃんが微妙に分かり合ってるような反応してて面白かった

  12. このエンディング以外にもスペシャルエンディングがあるけど物語は変わらない。

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