【Doki Doki Literature Club!】#1 キズナアイ史上初、ギャルゲーに挑戦!

Hello everyone! Virtual Game Kizuna AI here! Today, we’re gonna play… Doki Doki Literature Club! Yay! Today… We will be playing… My first gal-game on this channel! This game Looks like a Japanese game, doesn’t it? But, actually? It was made by American students! That’s amazing! Without further ado, let’s do this! My name is… AI-chan! [ ATTENTION ]
Due to how Youtube runs their subtitle system, we are unable to display the original game text as well as AI-chan’s dialogue in a reasonable manner. Apologies if some things here don’t make sense. Oh? This is very really pretty! Did they draw this? “Good morning~” Good morning… Good morning~? “An annoying girl” *haha* This guy’s mean, huh? Hmm… This is? I wonder if American students
wrote the captions?
(Japanese captions) [ The game was translated post-release into Japanese ] Sayori-chan! Childhood friends, huh? Why don’t you two date already “Oversleep more and more often” Oversleeping is no good… He should go and wake her up, right? Like a wake-up call I wonder if he’ll run away Ah, but? Saying stuff like “good grief”.
He clearly likes her Definitely likes her “I overslept again!” That’s not good, you might get sick *Punsuko* (anger) “AI-chan, you bully” Ehehehe~ Coupl? Isn’t that a bit horrible? What’s wrong with people seeing you as a couple? Like, seriously! Umm… That? If you’re going out of your way to say, “I don’t want us to be seen as a couple” Doesn’t that make you a little bit too aware of it? You’re the worst Right? He did wait for you! What a nice girl~ Hmm? Hmm? “AI-chan” “A club to join”? What will we join? What club activities will there be? Are you in the “going home club”? AI-chan… And so These two are first-year high schoolers? Or middle school first-years? Right? Like If they were second or third year students they wouldn’t be talking about what clubs to join, huh? He’s a nerd, huh? What a nerd! Eh? Univ? Ah, that surprised me “Before university” huh? So, you’re high schoolers then? Social skills are important She’s such a good girl! “Your happiness is really important to me, you know!” Whoah! “NEET” *haha* Is the protagonist that horrible? Social skills? Ah, but judging by the conversation so far, it doesn’t look like he has any. He seems really self-conscious That sounds awful Right? You shouldn’t make your adorable childhood
friend worry about you like that Pft, shut up, “No promises, though” Promise her! This guy is annoying… “Yaay~!” Seriously, what an annoying protagonist! Why does he look down on everyone? I really hate this protagonist School never ends “before you know it”! How hard is this guy spacing out! School’s over and you still have no motivation? Why don’t you just go home? “Anime Research Association” Ah, isn’t “Anime Research Association”
going a little overboard? This girl is so nice! How do you not notice that you’re the only one left? Are you serious? Wow… To say this guy is lazy is? Is this guy alright? Leave him alone, Sayori-chan… Let’s leave this guy alone This girl is so nice, seriously “My club!” What club? What club? Ah? Literature Club! I see… They keep saying Literature Club, but? I wonder what sort of club activities they do Reading? Writing? “Anime club” She’s really begging him Ah, she said it Cupcakes!

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  1. Самая лучшая девочка в этой игре,с розовым бантиком!)

  2. Fun fact, all of the girls are angled away from the player, except Monika. Monika is the only girl to face the player completely.

  3. I was actually thinking today "it would be cool to see Ai play this game, then I find this popped up! Can't wait to watch it! XD

  4. Что ты заладила, протогонист, протогонист достала уже

  5. Before you watch this if you speak english watch another youtuber play it to know what it says already.

  6. Как же жаль что с переводом такая лажа, посмотреть нормально уже не получится

  7. "What if we used 100% of the brain?"
    (me having two tabs: this, and a no commentary run of the game so I can follow the text on her screen)

  8. MC: is a socially incompetent high schooler
    MC: acts like a socially incompetent high schooler
    Kizuna Ai: [surprised Pikachu]

  9. Markiplier was here………
    Jacksepticeye was here…….
    Pewdiepie was here……
    Spoctor was here
    The three loud dudes

  10. After just watching Hawk do this satanic yet blissful ending of a game; I go to AI-chan. O Lord, me going through with it again.

  11. ネタバレになるから詳細に…


  12. i like seeing a girl's (well, AI-chan isnt a girl, but… you said if you were human you'd be one so…..) point of view on this game.
    i have nothing against men playing this game. i just havent seen any women yet.

  13. 私はフランス人です、そして日本のビデオグラファーが私の大好きなビジュアルノベルを演じるのを見るよりもっと楽しいです!

  14. 私こう言う精神が不安定になりそうなゲームが好きだわ。

  15. ギャルゲー然りホラーアドベンチャー系の主人公は、大体こんな感じの女の子から反感を買うような性格の奴ばっかだよw

  16. "Social skills?

    Ah. but judging g by the conversation it seems like he doesn't have any."

    I feel called out by a virtual youtuber-

  17. "I have no gender. But if I were born into this world as a human I'd be a girl"

    Kizuna Ai said trans rights.

    "If a cute girl made me cupcakes like this, I'd end up wanting to eat them all!"

    I stand corrected. Kizuna Ai also said gay rights

  18. Natsuki: The cute tsundere!
    Yuri: The maiden of mystery!
    Sayori: The ball of sunshine!
    Monika: The president of the club!
    Protagonist: FaCeAsS

  19. When I realized I've played this game enough that I don't even need translations of the game text back into English, it made me wonder what I've been doing with my life.
    No regrets.

  20. 主人公が無理なギャルゲはどんだけ内容が良くても楽しめないよね

    主人公と結ばれても 何で 〇〇の癖に とか本気で思っちゃう

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