【1080p|Tutorial】 Translate and play Japanese PSP Visual Novel in English 【PPSSPP/ITHVNR Method】

First, start PPSSPPWindows.exe, ITHVNR and TA. Everything need Admin rights. Now follow my instructions. Go to PPSSPP and play until you can see the text. Some important information about this method. Please be aware that PPSSPPWindows64.exe, the 64-bit version of PPSSPP won´t work with this method. If you will try to do it, it will simply crash. If you will try this method with ITH, the result will be that ITH will tell you nothing. A blank window and nothing will change. If you try to use another version beside PPSSPP v.0.9.8 and v0.9.9, then it will be highly possible that you won´t get any text too. Now back to the hooking, you can see the text. I recommend to use the “Pause When Not Focus” option that you can find here. Everytime you will click outside the window, it will pause the whole emulation of the game. Press “Process” and search for “PPSSPPWindows.exe”. Attach that process to ITHVNR. Now the only thing you need to do is to search for the text. Play the game a bit. Everytime you will proceed in the game, ITHVNR will search for the text. Sometimes it depends on luck how fast you will find the text after all. Because ITHVNR don´t know what is the text, it will show several different results. But I got luck and I found the text after all. Here a sample translation of it. To hook the text is really simple. But sometimes it takes a really long time that ITHVNR will find the text. Please be patient about it. Some additional notes to this Method. Don´t use fast foreward, there is a chance that ITHVNR will miss the text. Sometimes you will get the text if you play a bit, but sometimes you won´t get the dialog after all. A list of some working games is in the description. Now you see, ITHVNR found more possible results of a successful hook. The translation of this game is went without any problems. Now I will show a bit more proof that this method will work smooth. Some last notes, there might be another chance that ITHVNR will find much garbage, I mean really much, do not get irritated by that. And there might be several different results that ITHVNR will find and will be the same. If you play for a longer time, he will find even more suggestions. That was it, thanks for watching. Method was suggested by Don Dullian. If there will be any questions after that tutorial, read the description.

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  1. um hello.im having a bit of a problem.when i attach the game(super dangan ronpa 2)and continue the game the text in-game shows up but doesnt show up in ITHVNR.i tried checking all the lists.it was compatible in the compatibility list though.any help?

  2. im confused.there is no video about ppsspp+hex.theres only jpcsp+hex.will it work will ppsspp too?

    EDIT:i tried jpcsp+hex with super dangan ronpa 2.i highlighted it with MODI OCR and tried to press the button next to the cros and press enable like you did in the vid.the backround changed its color to white and text became black but it still didnt get copied to the text area below.i cant copy it and place it on aggerator.what to do now?

  3. Amazing! Thank you very much!
    Edit: I've tested the game "Ever 17 – the out of infinity" using this method in the same PPSSPP and ITH versions and it worked! I didn't spot this game in that list of yours, which is why I thought could be useful somehow.
    P.S. I'm sorry if I made a mistake.

  4. ppsspp ver 9.8 and 9 doesnt work on my computer(need opengl something).. i have the latest cersion of the ppsspp, but i think it will not worked 🙁

    i wanna cryyyyyy T_T i really want to try this method.. 😭😭😭


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